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Why Beauty Bloggers Love Using Lovelyloot

Tessy Muller

Beauty bloggers raved about Lovelyloot in 2016!  One of the things I enjoy most is seeing how differently people use it – here’s how some fabulous bloggers and makeup artists use Lovelyloot to organize and share the beauty products they love.

Lisa Stevens
Instagram: @lisa_v23

Lisa is a beauty blogger and mom (who also works at Sephora) based in Washington. I think we can all relate to seeing something on YouTube and deciding we have to try it!

Check out all the products in her “YouTube Made Me Buy It” collection


Tessy Muller

Tessy Muller
Instagram: @makeupbytessy

Tessy is a makeup artist, esthetician and beauty influencer in Luxembourg who posts amazing tutorials and looks, like this one perfect for holiday parties.

Watch her video and check out all the products in her “Get Ready With Me Christmas Holiday Makeup” collection


Ivy Boyd

Ivy Boyd
Instagram: @ivysavanah

Ivy is a beauty blogger and makeup artist in Des Moines, Iowa. She talks about why Lovelyloot is perfect for everyone – whether you’re a compulsive beauty buyer like many of her clients, skincare obsessed and need to keep track of your latest routine, a subscription box lover who gets tons of samples, or beauty blogger and makeup artist like herself, who receives tons of PR samples and needs to keep her kit organized.

Read her full post and check out all the products in her “Products to Try” collection


Lauren Alexandra
Instagram: @laurenalexxo

Alexandra is a pro makeup artist and freelancer in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Like many of us, she uses Lovelyloot to plan what to buy during major sales – perfect for plotting out what to get during the Sephora VIB Sale!

Watch her video


Kimberly Flanagan
Instagram: @centerkim10

Kimberly is a vegan beauty/lifestyle vlogger from Fresno, California with a ridiculously amazing makeup collection…which Lovelyloot definitely helps to organize!


Marilenny Pina

Marilenny Pina
Instagram: @marilennypina

Marilenny is a beauty creator and makeup artist in New York, kicking off what will certainly be a phenomenal career by winning the November 2016 YouTube beauty guru of the month.

Watch her video and check out all the products in her “Wishlist” collection

I’d love to hear about your favorite ways to use Lovelyloot – let me know in the comments below!

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