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How to Manage Your Beauty Wish List

We all have one – that running list of all the beauty products we’d love to get. If you’re looking for a better way to manage yours, read on to see how a couple top beauty bloggers and I use Lovelyloot to manage our wish lists.

If you’re anything like me, you discover new beauty products all the time. In the past, I’d always used a combo of high/low tech, saving screenshots from Instagram on my phone, tearing pages out of magazines, and pulling up my YouTube history in the store to try and remember things I’d spotted before and wanted to try.

Despite my best efforts, it was really time consuming and hard to find what I was looking for. Enter Lovelyloot, which makes it super simple to save any beauty product so you can actually find it again later when you need it!

Since we know so many people have a beauty wish list, that’s one of the collections that’s already created for you when you first download the Lovelyloot app. Here’s a quick overview of collections to help you get started with Lovelyloot:

Personally, I tend to put more expensive items on my Wish List that I know I want but am waiting for a sale or good reason to purchase, like a holiday or birthday – things like a Charlotte Tilbury palette or Dior lip product. Then I use my To Try list to capture products I’m interested in but want to look at in the store before I decide whether I want to get them or not, like a new foundation or eyeliner.

But the beauty of Lovelyloot is that you can customize your collections to organize your products however you like – here’s how a couple top beauty bloggers manage their wish lists.

Beauty Products Are My Cardio x Lovelyloot Blog Post

Vanessa: Beauty Products Are My Cardio

Beauty Products Are My Cardio

Vanessa is a beauty blogger based in Chicago who has found Lovelyloot to be a lifesaver. From being able to remember the shade of the blushes she swatched at MAC, to saving screenshots from Instagram, to budgeting for a splurge at Sephora by having her wish list in one place, Lovelyloot keeps her super organized.

Check out her post to read about all the different ways she uses Lovelyloot – and see exactly what’s in each of her collections!

Follow Vanessa on Instagram: @beautyproductsaremycardio |
Her blog: Beauty Products Are My Cardio

Melanie: Mr. Kong’s Mom


Melanie, a YouTuber based in Portland, Oregon, is a little more old-school (just like me!). She used to keep a paper list of all the products she’s dying to try…until she accidentally shredded it one day. Now, she uses Lovelyloot to keep track of all the products she’s heard about online or that her subscribers have recommended to her.

Watch her video and check out all the products in her “Wishlist 2017” collection!

Follow Melanie on Instagram: @mrkongsmom | YouTube: MrKongsMom

I’d love to know what type of wish list you’ve created – please share yours in the comments below!

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